Ace's Ambivalence

Some thoughts are meant to be kept private. There are thoughts we all have that we don’t want the world to hear or know. Those are the thoughts we keep to ourselves, or we write in paper journals with locks and keys tucked away at the bottom of a drawer full of unmentionables.

Other thoughts beg to be let free. They scream in your skull until you give them release. They need to be heard. Validated. Given life and voice. Even if their only exposure is to see the light of day, that’s all they desire. Those thoughts need to be acknowledged.

Sometimes there’s a stigma associated with them, though. Whether real or imagined, it keeps us from speaking our mind when our mind needs speaking.

This is my outlet. This is my safe haven. If you choose to visit, I welcome you. There are cookies on the stove, candy in the pantry, and soda in the fridge. Make yourself at home.


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